We handle the hard parts of IoT Firmware for you

Device OS solves your low level and connectivity development challenges and make it easy to write powerful edge software applications.

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smart.click Device OS seamlessly integrates your devices into the smart.click cloud

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Device OS is an operating system that runs on all smart.click devices and connects to the smart.click cloud.

“No matter how many devices you roll out in the future, with the smart.click Cloud you can rely on a secure, stable and cost-efficient backend.”

– Mike Krüger, CTO –

smart.click Device OS solves complexities like …

multiple MCU & Modem support

Test-driven development

integrated security

IOT Tech Stack

Cloud integration

agile development

smart.click OS cloud integration

smart.click OS was developed with the goal of integrating IOT devices into the cloud quickly, securely and cost-effectively.


In the device managment, you can see the current status of each sensor. This allows you to see, which devices have problems or report values out of the safe range.

Security and Reliability

All your communications are encrypted from device to cloud, each device has its own private key, and your fleet is protected from unauthorized hardware.

Over the Air Update

Never lose control of your assets. With smart.click OS and the smart.click cloud you ensure that you are always able to remotely update the configurations and firmware.

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smart.click, a proven solution



Remove Certification Risk

80% of all new cellular designs fail certification the first time. Our process for certifying both our own modules and those of our customers reduces RF, cellular, and operator conformance certification risk from your project. Certifications include:

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A Proven Way to Activate the Power of IOT

smart.click enables you to inspires your users & customers with awesome IOT Devices and offers you so much more.

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