Billboard Control

Despite the digital transformation, 70% of advertising spaces in Germany remain analog. Billboard Control offers an innovative solution to bring these analog sites into the digital world.

  • Electricity cost savings: significantly reduce your energy costs by up to 60% and optimize your operational expenses.
  • Sustainability: By efficiently utilizing resources and reducing downtime, you contribute to environmental protection and enhance your sustainability profile.
  • Transparency and Quality: Monitor and control your advertising spaces individually to ensure transparent cost distribution and enhanced quality
  • New Business Opportunities: By collecting additional data and levering open interfaces, you can develop new business models and maximize the full potential of your advertising spaces.

Maximum Efficiency and Control

Lead your analog advertising spaces into the digital era and unleash their full potential by utilizing the Billboard Controls comprehensive solution. Here, you’ll discover how our innovative technology enables real-time monitoring of your advertising spaces, intelligent lighting control, capturing relevant data, and immediate detection of faults and vandalism.

Condition and Consumption Monitoring
Smart Lighting Control
Data Collection
Fault and Vandalism Detection

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