Your assets and facilities always in view

Our plug & play solution for the power socket for the monitoring, analysis, and control of electrical
nical assets and indoor climate. Request demo Smart Power Plug vorne freigestellt


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Servicebutton to trigger Your Business digital

Guaranteed Low Power Consumption

Built for low power consumption on standard batteries


Reconfigure or reprogram your Servicebutton over-the-air from anywhere


Fast Connect

From Deep Sleep to Cloud in under 5 seconds

Mobile Connected

Use it everywhere without any Infrastructure Setup

The next Big Thing

Is for us not the next IoT platform but a cloud that enables you to integrate IOT data into your core processes and applications. We have done the work and many of our customers already use proven interfaces into their ERP or CRM systems.

Get to know our integrations in a demo Integration Grafik Example

Fast replenishment at the touch of a button

Find out personally in a consultation how one of our customers from industry replenishes his material in time thanks to the IoT Button and and thus avoids delays in the operating process.

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Grow your business with

Increase sales increases your company’s revenue by accelerating and simplifying processes. You save time and energy for other tasks and collect valuable data at the same time.

Increase automation

Create complex workflows and automations with Save time, money and energy by automating repetitive tasks and requests.

Improve user experience

Support employees, customers and consumers by providing an easy way to contact you, request help or assistance, or notify you of something.

Increase brand visibility

Strengthen your brand and create more attention with a branded IoT button. The asset can be branded individually. Power Plug

Flexibler IoT Button mit einem Knopf und großem E-Paper-Display.


€ 139

Einmalige Gebühr pro Gerät inkl. 36 Monate Service, zzgl. Steuern

Starte mit einer Demo

Mehr als ein Standard-Button

Per Knopfdruck automatisierte Prozesse auslösen und Daten erhalten. Flexibel installierbar, einfache Verknüpfung zu anderen Maschinen.

Demo anfordern

Eingebaute SIM-Karte mit unbegrenzter Bandbreite

Stromversorgung durch 2 AA-Batterien für 3 Jahre

Unbegrenzter Zugang zur Cloud-Lösung

Vorgefertigte Integrationen zum Einrichten

Gebrauchsfertige API- Dokumentation