A Secure and Scalable Cloud Backend for Your IoT Product

smart.click Device Cloud provides a scalable and secure data pipeline and device management interface. Gain deeper insights into your physical assets by extracting data relevant to your business using smart.click unique data and device management capabilities.

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smart.click Cloud is built to work seamlessly with the rest of the smart.click Platform-as-a-Service.

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“No matter how many devices you roll out in the future, with the smart.click Cloud you can rely on a secure, stable and cost-efficient backend.”

– Mike Krüger, CTO –

smart.click cloud features

Device Management

Security & Health

Scalability & Monitoring

Data Management

Over The Air Updates

3rd Party integration

API Interfaces

Access Control

Alarms & Actions

smart.click cloud IOT Sensors and Products

smart.click Cloud is a platform that allows you to collect, analyse and visualise sensor data, generate reports out of it and notify users, if the values measured by the sensors are out of the safe range. smart.click Cloud works with all smart.click sensors, no matter what communication technology they use. Platform offers RESTful API, which can be used to integrate it with any third party software. Users can access smart.click Cloud through a web browser or a mobile application.


smart.click allows you to collect the data from all smart.click sensors, no matter what do they measure and what technology do they use to communicate with the platform. You can use smart.click Cloud with both LTE-M / NB-IoT sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy sensors with gateways.


We provide you with a web dashboard to access your data and manage your fleet of sensors. No matter where you are, you will always be able to check the measurements or get notified, if something is wrong.


smart.click Cloud offers RESTful API, which can be used to integrate the sensor data to any third party solution. All the platform functions are available through the API.


Data that reaches the platform can be integrated by actions into 3rd party systems, exported as CSV reports or can be used to trigger alerts if the measurements are out of the safe range.

Real-Time Event Data Streams for Immediate Analysis


View a live stream of your event data. You can see the name, data type, and timestamp associated with each event.


Debug code during development. Our filters and modifiers enable you to narrow down and find issues quickly.


Funnel your device data from our event streams straight to your central tools for analysis.

Device Management – key information at a glance

Device-Management collects the most important information in one place. You can quickly see the list of all IOT Devices along with their current measurements and statuses, filter out the devices you want to see.

Device Lifecycle Management

Register, manage, and operate your devices from a single interface.


Health Monitoring

See the current status of each device in the smart.click Cloud. This allows you to see, which devices have problems or report values out of the safe range.



smart.click Cloud enables quick and convenient filtering and sorting of sensors. You can filter the sensors by name, serial number, measured physical size or location. In addition, you can quickly filter out sensors in alarm state, non-working sensors, low battery sensors or switched off devices.

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