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Customer profile

Our customer owns a large industrial site with consignment warehouse, where high quality consumables are stored.


Thanks to our smart.click solution, our customer is able to trigger ordering processes actively and quickly. This ensures that machines run reliably. In addition, unnecessary costs due to production downtimes and downtime of assets are prevented.


The customer wants to use digital technologies to replenish material in a timely manner, avoiding process delays.

Main objectives:

  • Increase speed in replenishment
  • Avoid delays in operational processes


To simplify the reordering of materials, the smart.click was used as a retrofit solution at the customer’s site. The Internet-enabled device can control assets, apps and services at the touch of a button. As soon as material runs low, the user can trigger a new order by pressing the button.


In the process, an IoT button is assigned to each consumable and installed at the storage location. As soon as an employee presses the button, the device sends information to the backend via narrowband IoT.

The button has an e-ink display that provides feedback on a successfully placed order or a delivery date. The replenishment of the inventory is finally confirmed by pressing a button.


To ensure the greatest possible flexibility, the button is battery-powered. The energy-efficient Narrowband-IoT radio technology ensures high building penetration, which means that the button can also be used in underground plant facilities.


With the implementation of smart.clicks, the customer was able to digitize the replenishment process and thus make it more efficient. The ordering processes were significantly accelerated and delays avoided. The digitization of operations is also accompanied by an increase in operational excellence.

With the solution, which was initially rolled out at the customer as a prototype phase, there is the possibility of 100 percent digitization.

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